Our Gap-Free Pregnancy Management Plan

We understand the importance of managing costs when it comes to pregnancy care. While most maternity care providers charge a fee at each appointment, we have done away with that!

Join our gap-free pregnancy plan and enjoy the freedom of gap-free consultations throughout your pregnancy. You can start this plan at any time after your first consultation by paying the first instalment of your pregnancy management fee. For the rest of the calender year, all clinic consultations with Dr. Elgey are fully re-imbursed by Medicare with $0 out-of-pocket cost.

Here’s how our Gap-Free Pregnancy Management plan works:

Our FeeEstimated Medicare Rebate
Initial Consultation$190.00$72.75
Pregnancy Management Fee - First Instalment$547.15$47.15
Antenatal Appointments$47.15$47.15
Pregnancy Management Fee - Due at 28 weeks$1800.00$372.75
Delivery FeePaid by health fund
Postnatal Check-up$71.70$71.70

You'll be eligible for gap-free consultations throughout the entirety of your pregnancy provided that you are eligible for Medicare and your pregnancy management fee is paid in full at 28 weeks.
  • Total out-of-pocket after initial consultation as low as $1927.25 throughout pregnancy
  • Join our Pregnancy Gap Free Management Plan at any time after the first consultation by paying the first installment of $547.15
  • Ongoing consultations will be fully reimbursed by Medicare for the rest of that calendar year under the Original Medicare Safety Net
  • Australian residents who are eligible for Medicare benefits can access this plan
  • Admissions, in-hospital procedures and delivery billed directly to eligible health funds

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Do I have to pay the Gap-Free Pregnancy Management Plan fee at my second appointment?

If you prefer to hold off and not join on your second visit, then consultations incur a fee of $54.90 (after rebate of $40.10). You can join whenever you are ready, with the plan fee fully payable by 28 weeks pregnancy.

Do I have to pay in two instalments?

Most of our Sunnybank O&G families like to keep a close eye on costs during pregnancy so we try to make our care as affordable as possible. You can choose to pay the fees in instalments or in one go – whatever bests suits your budget. And as soon as the first instalment of $500 is received, you can start benefiting from No-Gap appointments.

Can I pay the first instalment at my first appointment?

Choosing an obstetrician is one of the most important decisions of your pregnancy. That’s why we like to focus purely on you and your pregnancy at your first visit. Your plan can be paid any time from your second visit onwards.

What if my pregnancy crosses over a calender year?

The federal government has decided to reset the Medicare safety nets every calender year, until your out-of-pocket expenses for medical care reach the thresholds, only 85% of the consultation fee will be rebated by Medicare. Once the medicare safety net threshold is reached you will get your full rebate again.

Are all Australian health funds covered?

We cover nearly all health funds in Australia. Funds currently excluded from our Gap-Free Pregnancy Management Plan incur an out of pocket expense for the delivery and admissions. These are Budget Direct Health, FIT, Frank, Garrison Health, Latrobe Health, RACT Health and UniHealth. This list is indicative only and If your health fund is ineligible we will inform you as soon as possible.
If you are ineligible for Medicare, uninsured or insured under an overseas visitor arrangement, please contact us directly for an estimate of your fees.

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